Chris Milk

Chris Milk got his start working as a photographer and making music videos. However, his work has since drastically progressed beyond that. Milk has since dabbled in virtual reality media, and virtual reality media production, even creating his own company ‘Here be Dragons’. Throughout his career, he has helped direct music videos for many artists, including some of my favorites such as Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire and Gnarles Barkley.

Many of his pieces are interactive for viewers, such as ‘The Exquisite Forest’, or one of my favorites ‘The Wilderness Downtown’. On his platform of, people are able to showcase their virtual reality work. This was super fun to explore because so many of the artists have such different takes on the work that no experience was the same, yet they were all fairly immersive when watching.

Kanye West – Complex Magazine


Black [Acoustic] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

The Wilderness Machine

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