Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay is a visual artist who works with sound, film and photography and the juxtaposition between all of them. Frequently, he will take musical objects and transform them into a tangible, visual element. His exploration of sound began in 1979 when experimenting with turntables, and has since progressed to create really intricate pieces one of his most notable being ‘The Clock’. Here, Marclay created a 24 hour, looping video that plays in real time so whatever time is being displayed in the video is the same time that would be displayed on your watch. Much of his work builds on previous practices, his Cyanotypes for example comes from cassette tapes that were used frequently in the 80s and is based off of a process that was popular in the 1840s. This integration of work leads to new, and exciting modern pieces.


2822 Records (PS1)
Mashup (Diptych with Two Cassettes), 2008
Allover (Dixie Chicks, Nat King Cole and Others)



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