Evan Roth

Evan Roth is an American artist based out of Paris who frequently does internet hacking to allow for his audience to experience moments that take place in public spaces, online or things that have occurred in pop culture.  He was created a video for Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn Go Hard” video, has a background in architecture, and made it so that whenever you googled his name ‘bad ass mother fucker’ was the top search result.

All of his works are so interesting because they allow for a sneak peek into someone’s life, especially their time on the internet or how they interact with technology. With the dancing on mobile phones piece, Roth used LED lighting so that only the motions were visible and not the content on the screen itself.  It was interesting to see the different strokes that people used to select apps, as well as whether or not the screen was damaged, etc.  I also loves the internet cache self portrait because we think of our time and our searches on the internet as very temporary even though all of that information is stored elsewhere. Having all of that data compiled and presented in one location drastically changes the way that people interact with it.

Internet Cache Self Portrait








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