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How do you define digital art?
Digital Art is anything that takes place through some means of media such as photography, photoshop, illustrator, 3D printing, videos, etc.

What are the defining features, advantages, and limitations that make digital art unique from other forms of visual expression?
Digital Art is unique from other forms in that it can be created using so many different platforms and is more open ended because of that. However some limitations might be that unlike other, more traditional forms of art, texture isn’t as prevalent in pieces because its all 2D.

Provide 3 examples (images, videos or gifs) of digital art that speak to your personal aesthetic and briefly describe why you chose it. At least one of these examples should be a piece that you discovered through researching this blog post.

This piece was done by Irene Laschi and it really stuck out to me while I was looking at all of the different options on Behance’s site. Initially, I was expecting it to be similar to Russian Nesting Dolls where each piece is a smaller version of the origInal large one. I really liked how she incorporated each of the different animals into the image.


original sexist add modern twist on sexist add

I absolutely loved what Eli Rezkallah did in her latest series. So much progress has been made in the past few decades that it’s amazing to see how gender roles used to be portrayed in advertisements. The changes that she made we so subtle yet so profound. I loved how she kept the color scheme, font, and text the same with the exception of changing the roles of the male and females and how their pronouns were used in a sentence.

This piece was done by 77 year old, Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi. All of his work is done using Mircrosoft Excel programs and utilizing its tools such as the line tool and bucket tool. After taking several chemistry classes here, I became very accustomed to Excel but would never have thought that anything like this was possible. I love the simplicity of the concept and how intricate the final product is.