Pippilotti Rist

Pippilotti Rist is a Sweedish-born artist with a focus on audio and video installations. Rist tries to integrate public and private space in hopes of trying to create a space that people can escape to. So many of her video installations are done on a big scale projected onto either walls or ceilings, so that people can come sit or lay down and watch in an all immersive environment.
Many of her works are focused on gender and women, but she hopes that her work can be impactful for all people regardless of gender. Some of her work includes video sculptures, which were my personal favorite. Here the incorporation of video is sometimes more subtle than one would expect. An example of this is her sculpture ‘Receiver’ from 2003.

Receiver, 2003
Pixel Forest
Hiplights (or Enlighted Hips)

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